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Dear participants,

Thanks for coming to the World Finance Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
This year we received almost 800 submissions and we had around 300 academics from all over the world attending this fantastic event.

We are really pleased with the exponential growth of the World Finance Conference during last years. We are always trying to improve, year after year, the quality of our events. The high level of submissions is the recognition of this excellent quality.

Like Keynote speaker we had two very famous professors of finance: Prof. Jay Ritter, Joseph Cordell Eminent Scholar from University of Florida, and Prof. Pablo Fernandez, PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Corporate Finance Business School.
We would like to thank many people who have contributed to the success of this conference. Those who served like reviewer, presenter, discussant and chair. Without your extraordinary help it would not have been possible to make an event with such quality in this beautiful city.

João Paulo Vieito

I was marveled at how truly worldwide the conference was. It had attracted academics from many different parts of the planet. I was also astounded by the diversity of subjects and the depth and rigorousness of research shown in the accepted papers. Therefore, this was a wonderful chance to meet academics from all over the world and to discuss the state of the arts of a discipline that groups us all.

Thanks for coming south, for giving us the chance to share with you our hospitality, and for sharing with us your research work.

Dr. Jose P. Dapena
Director – Department of Finance

Welcome to the 2015 World Finance Conference at Universidad del CEMA.

Your Conference’s activity is very much to UCEMA’s origins. Back in 1978 we began as a small center dedicated to research in economics and finance. Recognizing an important deficiency of human capital in the discipline, in 1991 we started the first Master in Finance program in Argentina. With time the program diversified to meet the demands of a growing, more sophisticated and globalized market. Currently, candidates choose between the orientations of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Law & Finance. More recently we incorporated the Ph.D. in Finance. So far we have graduated 1931 Masters and 11 Ph.D's. All of our programs are accredited by the Argentine National Accreditation Agency.

The recent history of Argentina’s monetary and financial systems has been one of deep crisis. Its comprehension and solution present huge challenges for the professionals involved. We were pleased to have so many experts here at this important event. Our hope is that your example, motivation and knowledge will help us advance in the difficult task of solving the Argentine macroeconomic puzzle.

It was a privilege to welcome you to our University. We were honored to host the presentations and discussions of the numerous challenging papers that were rigorously selected for this event.

We had no doubt that the Conference strenghtened fruitful discussions for all participants. Thank you for choosing us as your hosts.

Carlos Rodriguez, Ph.D. President Edgardo Zablotsky, Ph.D. Vice president